Book Updates

Book Update: February 8, 2021

Welcome to the first of many book updates to come, as this project is finally coming to fruition thanks to the editing assistance of Joel Hanson (of Memory Drawings).

I am shooting for an e-book release on Amazon sometime in March 2021, and distributing to other platforms just after that. There will be a print (on-demand) version that should follow in late-spring.

Book Content

95% of the new content is complete, including the Introduction, commentary around the editorial topics (DIY culture, music industry changes, print vs. digital, Masstransfer genres), and the “Coda”–shutting down the zine, and efforts to reboot the brand in subsequent years.

Currently working on finishing the Staff Bios section, as I’ve been connecting with contributors and catching up with them.

Band Chapters

Definitely the best part of the entire book project has been re-connecting with bands and musicians, and hearing their stories from the past 2 decades. Currently, there are 38 band chapters–these are bands that had a feature in the zine along with a track on a compilation CD, but there are plenty more covered in sections on local music scenes and album reviews.

At the moment I am finishing up chapters on: Landing, Air Formation, Mazarin and Rachel Goldstar/Experimental Aircraft. A few more are in the works as I continue to uncover more bands from the zine days.

I’ve posted some of the original band features from the zine over on the website.

Beta Readers

As part of the book launch, there are several people who volunteered to be “beta readers”–looking over the book so far, and providing some feedback around content and structure. My goal is to get to around 25 beta readers, and I have a few slots open. Each beta reader will get a copy of the print book when it’s published.